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Outer Love by whisperinwind Outer Love by whisperinwind

This is my entry for the alien contact contest, on seventh sanctum [link]

The thin race. They have powerful eyesight. Biologically they are inclined to be adventurers. The color of their integument changes with mood. They have elaborate mating displays. Another race uplifted them to sentience. They come from a high-gravity, resource-rich world.

I added a details myself, to the description. Compound eyes for a truly powerful eyesight. A tall body with long limbs, (for climbing) that can expand and extract in and out of their bodies. (just in case they need to crawl in a tight small area) there are gills by their ears, (underwater exploration) and an insect like tongue. (tasting the air can tell you a multiple a things from, the weather, to what’s nearby out of eyesight) all physical traits something bred for adventuring would have.

The story:

Marie Servison was a twenty year-old space pilot. After switching the controls into auto-pilot she rose from her chair and glided into the lounge, her long blond hair swooshing behind her. Grabbing a soda, she plopped into a chair and stared outside. “this is the first vacation I’ve had in three years.” She sighed, slowly drifting off to sleep.

Suddenly Marie awoke to a large banging sound. Then she heard it again, and again. “It’s coming from outside the ship.” She thought, running to the window. Outside was tons of asteroids of all sizes. Marie dashed to the controls, and started to navigated through the asteroids. “This ain’t right.” She cried.
There was no asteroid belt on the course she programmed the auto pilot to take. She glanced at her radar to see she was way off course. She was in unknown territory.

Marie looked up just in time to see a tremendous asteroid speeding towards the ship. She tried to dodged it, but it was to late. The asteroid made impact, damaging the ships engines. A red light appeared as all power started to fail. More asteroids bar bombed the ship sending it flying into a large red planet. The temperature became unbearably high as the ship entered the planets atmosphere. Almost immediately the ship made impact, skidding across the ground for a mile.

Marie notice immediately that it was harder to stand up or walk around. Carefully she opened the door and to her amazement found the most beautiful landscape she have ever seen. Giant mushrooms filled the land, as bountiful as trees were back at Earth’s beginning. Massive crystal quarts grew from large red rocks. The same red rocks spewed a green cloud of gas, that emitted a green glow. And fields of blue flowers that produced a blue glow. And when a crystal was near flower or gas cloud it lit up with color.

Abruptly Marie heard a rustle behind a large shroom. “Who’s there?” She stuttered afrid it might not be nice. A seven foot tall creature stepped into view, a scared look on it’s face. “who’s there?” it mimicked in a high-pitched voice that seemed to crack a lot. The thing had a humanoid male body. Though it was extremely thin, with arms three fingers, large fin-like ears and huge compound eyes. The alien look up at Marie and smiled shily. His deep purple skin suddenly changed, to blush pink, then to an array of colors.

With one arm the alien torn off his leather vest, another picked a blue flower, grabbed Marie with one, undid his belt and grabbing Marie again with the last. “Help!“ Marie tried to scream, but nothing came out. Holding the flower up to their faces he held her chin. She stared into his large black eyes, wondering just what was going on in his head. Just then he pressed his lips against hers. She pulled away quickly, and noticed a hurt look on the alien’s face. “he’s just a sweet teenage alien boy.” She thought pulling him into an embrace.
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